Corporate Social Responsibility is the concept according to which companies voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns into their business activities and in their contacts with other Interested members, as they realize that responsible behavior leads to sustainable business success.”

Social responsibility is one of the values that characterizes every action of our company. With a clear understanding of our role towards society as a whole, we demonstrate our position in areas such as environmental protection, staff care and public awareness of issues related to sustainable development.

In particular, in times of crisis, Corporate Social Responsibility can contribute to the overall development of the welfare state and play a key role in social cohesion. Every business must be socially responsible and contribute to the conservation and safeguarding of natural and human resources.

The overall application of Corporate Social Responsibility in tourism, has positive effects on the quality of tourism products, the image of companies towards society and its social partners, the environmental and social impact of tourism activity and the differentiation of companies from the competition, creating more “loyal customers”.

Ferry Center Ltd is oriented towards this with the logo “Our destination is your trip”.

Although Corporate Social Responsibility is not as widespread in the tourism and shipping companies industry, Ferry Center Ltd is active in this field. Through environmental social and humanitarian CSR actions, such as energy saving, use of environmentally friendly products, recycling, fundraisers and charities, sponsorship of charitable events, development and training of its staff , the observance of rules of health and safety at work, the seamless insurance and care for the empowerment of its human capital, the motivation of all towards an environmentally friendly policy aimed at the sustainable development and the satisfaction of the visitors.

In addition, we continue in our business activities good practices, to reduce operating costs, through the reduction of consumption of energy, water, chemicals, etc. resulting in improved competitiveness, and more.

Our company Ferry Center Ltd through its actions and in connection with the CSR actions of the ATTICA GROUP, expects to complete its role in society.