Economical islands of the Cyclades. In the Cyclades are the three large and popular islands with the cheapest accommodation. The Cyclades Islands are one of the most popular choices for summer vacations for both Greek and foreign tourists, however the high cost of accommodation and tickets makes these destinations prohibitive for many of us. However, there are some budget islands of the Cyclades that are offered for budget holidays – and they are not the only ones you thought!

Although one would assume that only the small and “unknown” islands of the Aegean have lower prices, in fact they are cheap islands and some of the larger islands are those that have quite cheap accommodation as well as cheap ferry tickets.

So, after a lot of research, we managed to discover the three most economical islands of the Cyclades in terms of accommodation and ferries.

The real examples of accommodation that you will read below have been calculated for the first days of August, while the prices refer to double rooms per adult. The cost of the ferry tickets for the Cyclades islands is again indicated for the same dates, while these are economy seats (normal return ticket) without a car.

Economic islands of the Cyclades.


Χαβάι - Ναξος

Χαβάι – Ναξος

One would expect that the prices on the largest island of the Cyclades, which is actually preferred by thousands of tourists every year, would be quite steep, however Naxos offers options for all tastes, both in terms of accommodation and entertainment.

So, if you are looking for a cheap overnight stay, you can find accommodation from 30 euros per night per person, while if you choose organized camping, the prices for a tent range from around 17.5 euros per person. As for the ferry tickets to Naxos, economy seats start from 100 euros round trip (for ferry routes from the port of Piraeus), excluding the car.


Πύργος, Άνδρος

Πύργος, Άνδρος

Andros is a fairly underrated island, as although it has unique beaches, lush nature and several entertainment options, it is not as popular a destination as the rest of the Cyclades islands.

The fact that it is not as cosmopolitan means that it is also more economical, with would-be vacationers finding rooms for 30 euros a night, while the itineraries – although limited – start at 50 euros (from the port of Rafina).




Syros, the capital of the Cyclades with amazing food and rich culture is also an island that offers options for all tastes and budgets.

More specifically, the prices for a room five minutes’ walk from the beach start at around 30 euros per person, while ferry tickets from the port of Piraeus can be found for 90 euros.



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