Islands for Winter Holidays – Islands that we will love even in winter

  1. Corfu

    Starting from the Ionian Islands, the first “winter island” is undoubtedly Corfu. An island of four seasons. With a beautiful Venetian city that remains equally impressive in winter and summer. With many traditional villages, which can keep the tourist “busy” even throughout the winter. And with Mount Pantokratora at 906 meters, to offer an authentic winter experience.

  2. Lefkada

    Next is Lefkada, my favorite island in the Ionian Islands, with its impressive beaches and exotic blue waters. Beyond these, however, the island also offers a purely mountainous landscape with a maximum altitude of 1,184 meters, as well as several semi-mountainous or mountainous villages of tourist interest and traditional taverns under centuries-old plane trees. The last choice in the Ionian Islands is of course Kefalonia, with its interesting capital, its many traditional villages and of course, Mount Ainos, 1,628 meters high, with the national forest of the famous black spruce and the purely mountainous and sometimes snowy landscape.

  3. Cyclades

    Changing seas, we come first to the Cyclades. Most of the Cyclades islands can hardly be included in the category of “winter islands”, without this of course meaning that they are not of tourist interest at any time of the year. I will single out some islands, according to the criteria I mentioned above. First of all, Syros, as its capital, Ermoupoli, and Ano Syros, make up a beautiful city that you can visit all year round. Next is Santorini, which is a global phenomenon of unique beauty, which you can enjoy in winter and summer. In fact, in winter, as well as in early spring and late autumn, you have the opportunity to enjoy and photograph the unique natural and residential landscape of the island without the hordes of thousands of tourists that overwhelm Santorini in the summer months. Finally, Naxos, the most “winter” Cycladic island, with its beautiful country even in winter, its many traditional semi-mountainous villages (Apiranthos, Filoti, Koronos, etc.) and Mount Zas, with a height of 1,002 meters, which it also offers a purely mountainous landscape, with rich vegetation, ravines and running water.

  4. Dodecanese

    Leaving the Cyclades for the Dodecanese and starting from the south, the first island is the hard-to-reach Karpathos, with the impressive traditional village of Olympus and the intense mountainous relief, with the highest peak at 1,215 meters. You will encounter rocky mountains, but also wooded areas, as well as several traditional semi-mountainous villages with colorful houses, such as Menetes, Aperi, Volada, Othos, Spoa, etc. Undoubtedly, the top “winter island” in the Dodecanese is Rhodes. Easy access, beautiful city all year round, impressive medieval castle, which can be enjoyed more easily in winter without the crowds of tourists, lush forest landscapes, the famous butterfly valley with its wonderful natural beauty, mountain scenery with a higher altitude of 1,215 meters and many traditional and non-traditional villages, which to manage to visit them all you will need the whole winter. Finally, slightly violating the criteria I set at the beginning of the article, I will also mention the island of Symi, as the most picturesque country of the Dodecanese creates a real painting, which is equally wonderful both in summer and on a sunny winter day. After all, most of the wonderful photos of our islands, shown in all the tourist publications and magazines, are taken in winter.

  5. Samos

    Going further north, the first stop is Samos, the island where I grew up. So Samos has two very beautiful towns, Vathi and Karlovasi, two picturesque seaside villages, Pythagoreio and Kokkari and many more beautiful mountainous and semi-mountainous villages, which even I have not managed to visit all of them. It also has two high mountains, Kerkis with a height of 1,437 meters and Karvounis with a height of 1,153 meters. These two mountains make up a purely mountainous landscape, with rich vegetation, beautiful forests, ravines, gorges and running water, as well as many traditional mountain villages, as mentioned above. If you add to these the famous sweet Sami wine, then you have the ultimate winter scenery that is really worth visiting.

  6. Ikaria

    The same applies to the neighboring island of Ikaria, with an altitude exceeding 1,000 meters and many beautiful traditional semi-mountainous villages, with revelers and good food. Continuing further north, there is another impressive “winter island”, Chios. With its beautiful capital, the pure mountainous landscape, with the highest altitude of 1,297 meters, with its beautiful medieval Mastic villages that take you back to other times and with many still untouched mountain villages and especially the villages of Amani, at the northwestern end of the island, with the strange names, where you really travel back in time. Last stop is the island of Lesvos, with its beautiful capital Mytilini, the many traditional villages and Mount Olympus, with an altitude of 967 meters. It may not be the well-known mountain of the Gods, but in general Lesbos is a very interesting destination even in winter, while the island’s traditional ouzo keeps you warm and cheerful.

  7. Crete and Evia

    For Crete and Evia I will not make any special mention, as it is obvious that the two largest islands of Greece are available for tourism 365 days a year. Crete with its three mountain ranges over 2,000 meters (with Psiloritis at 2,456 meters) and Evia with Mount Dirfys at 1,743 meters are ideal destinations in the winter months as well.

  8. Samothraki

    These two islands are also ideal destinations for winter holidays, especially for anyone looking for an alternative destination, away from the crowds. I will start from Samothraki, my “secret” winter destination. So, Samothraki is typically an island. But in reality it is a mountain in the sea. Mount Saos has an altitude of 1,611 meters and creates a purely mountainous landscape, which has nothing to envy from the country’s famous mountain destinations. Impressive mountains, gorges, forests, ravines, waterfalls, pedestals and wild goats make up the ideal winter scenery. And of course, such a mountainous landscape does not lack snow, which is especially common during the winter months. All this beautiful natural landscape is complemented by the picturesque country of Samothrace, with its traditional and often snowy houses. And of course there is no shortage of good food, with goat as a specialty. An ideal winter destination for the lucky few.

  9. Thassos

    The same applies to the beautiful Thassos. One of my favorite islands for the summer, but also for the winter. An equally mountainous island, with a higher altitude of 1,203 meters, and quite a chance to reach it covered in snow in winter. Apart from the amazing beaches, which gather a lot of tourists in the summer, Thassos also has many traditional mountainous and semi-mountainous villages, with authentic and hospitable inhabitants and very good food at affordable prices.

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