Travel: The internet and social media are shaping decisions

What a study by the international network of PR consultants Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN) says

Computers, the internet, social media and connectivity have changed the way we travel without us even beginning to understand.

This is according to a study by the international network of PR consultants Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN)

Travel: The challenges of the future

After more than two years of restrictions and lockdowns due to COVID, the mood for travel and the need to make up for lost time is pervasive.

The preferences of each generation

For travel industry professionals what matters is the profile of people preparing to travel.


The representative of the generation born between 1946 and 1964 comes mainly from developed countries-societies, is adventurous, affluent and educated, with high expectations of ease and comfort. It is very likely that they have compiled a wish list as they believe that they have worked hard all their lives and now they want to explore. Much of their travel will involve visiting family, or they may include children or grandchildren in their plans. They will be ready to spend for luxury or pleasure and comfort, especially for food. Although they are interested in adventure, they will still want reassurances of safety and comfort. They are unlikely to travel alone, most likely as a couple. Many will travel with the grandchildren. Their trips will be planned and structured. They are likely to want to base themselves in one place and explore the surrounding areas with great food, shopping and attractions high on the list.

The travel customer born between 1965-1980 is a mature professional, educated and affluent. They are settled by family and relatively conservative values. It will mainly focus on domestic travel. They are more likely to choose group travel packages and focus on family activities. They are keen on tours and pre-booked packages – to avoid family conflicts in decision-making – and often rent a house for family holidays.

Less affluent but more multicultural, spontaneous, educated and open-minded, customers of the generation born between 1980-1996 are likely to travel alone and will always be… online. They often work remotely while traveling and are also likely to share their travel experiences with their network. They use local transportation and cheap accommodations such as backpackers and spend money on experiences and adventures. They are more likely to move from place to place in search of adventure. They change their plans at short notice. They tend to spend money responsibly and prefer personalization. They often make decisions based on social media.

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