If your main goal is to find the cheapest airline tickets, then the key is to let the flights define the destination, rather than the other way around. It may not always be possible to go anywhere, anytime, but if you have even a modicum of flexibility, you can get a little spontaneous and travel to a destination you don’t know much about! See below 6 tricks to book the cheapest plane tickets for your next trip!

1. Compare search engines

Do not rely on the services of a single search engine, but compare the prices in several different ones. Sometimes it’s better to go directly to the airline’s site.

2. Travel when you will have the least competition

If you can, choose a date and time when your flight will not be in high demand. Flights during the week, early in the morning and late at night will ensure you the cheapest plane tickets!

3.Create your own combinations

If you’re willing to make layovers (and possibly explore the city you’ll be in for a few hours), sometimes flight search engines won’t show you all the possible combinations that might work best for you. Look at each flight in detail, since it can come cheaper and see more places.

4. Track your flights

On many flight search sites you can choose to receive an email when the price on the flight you want drops. When the email comes and the price is low, buy the tickets as it goes up again.

5. Close one position at a time

The cost of two seats on a flight is more than double that of booking one. If this is the case with your flight, then book the seats one by one to get the cheapest airline tickets!

6. Change browser

It’s a common secret that if you search for a flight too often, each time the price will be higher. Therefore, search for the flight from different browsers so that it does not appear that you are looking for it often.

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