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Guaranteed by our many years of experience as the headquarters of Blue Star Ferries in Patras, as well as the ANEK-SUPERFAST Consortium for Crete and Italy ( Adriatic ), you can make Ferry tickets reservations to any ferry destination in Greece (Cyclades, Dodecanese, Northeast Aegean , Ionian, Saronic, Sporades), as well as for all destinations on the line Greece – Italy.





Χάρτης ΑιγαίουIn the travel agency Ferrycenter you can find all the destinations in Greece as well as in 24 more countries. You can easily and quickly book cheap ferry tickets. You can also find out about all Superfast ferries by booking Superfast tickets. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you find the information you need. Book your ferry trip and make Ferry tickets reservations. Here you can find ferry tickets, at the lowest market prices as well as the best routes to reach your travel destination!



Reservations of ferry tickets.

Our Company gives you the possibility to make departure and return seat reservations on all the itineraries of the lines it serves.
Selection of tickets.

Choose ship tickets for your trip. Find out about ship itineraries by comparing their features.

See detailed information on ticket prices and types, the ferry companies operating the desired route, and all departure schedules.

Buy ferry tickets.

Book your ferry tickets for your favorite destinations. The Ferrycenter travel agency guarantees you secure bookings and cheap ferry tickets.

After filling in all the details of the reservation in the “Ship Ticket Reservation Form” it is necessary to proceed with payment in order to receive your tickets.

You can collect your tickets in the following ways:

WEB Check-in.

Do WEB Check-in to check in your tickets, with which you can board the ship.
For Adriatic lines, it is necessary to check the travel documents at the port office BEFORE boarding the ship.
When boarding the ship, it is necessary to have your Police ID or Passport with you.
Pickup from the company’s port agency.

Your tickets can be collected exclusively from the Company’s Port Agency at the port of departure, no later than two hours before departure.
In order to collect your tickets, you must – absolutely – have your Booking Number and your Police ID or Passport with you.

For information about your reservations you can contact (Everyday 09:00-21:00) by e-mail at the e-mail address: or by phone: 2610-634000 (everyday 08:00-22:00 ) Ferrycenter travel agency – 12 Othonos Amalias, Patra, Achaia
Ferry tickets for all Greek islands.

Do you want to explore Skiathos, Skopelos, Kythnos, Naxos or Tinos? See all current ferry offers and discounts and book your ferry tickets for all Greek islands.

How can I move to the port of Piraeus?

The port of Piraeus is the largest natural port in Greece. It is located about 11 km away from Athens, the capital of the country, and about half an hour from the International Airport, El. Venizelos.

If you are traveling from the airport, you can travel by metro (Blue line), stopping at Monastiraki station. From there, you “change” to the Green line of the electric train, from where you are transferred directly to Piraeus. From the airport you can also travel with the X96 bus that runs direct routes to the port.

If you are in the center of Athens heading to Piraeus, you can still take the Green Line.

Which gate does my ship depart from?

If you are traveling to the Greek Islands from the port of Piraeus, it is important to know the gate from which your ship departs. Upon your arrival at the port, you can find out about the departure gate from the electronic signs that are in various places in the area.
The gates are:

E1 – Dodecanese
E2 – Crete, Chios, Mytilini, Ikaria, Samos
E3 – Crete, Kythira (vehicle entrance)
E4 – Kythira (vehicle exit only)
E5 – bus departure station
E6 – Cyclades, Rethymno
E7 – Cyclades, Rethymnon
E8 – Argosaronic Gulf
E9 – Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria
E10 – Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria

Departure Gates – Piraeus Port

Can I travel with my vehicle on the ship?

Most ships that run routes in Greece have specially configured garage spaces, so that you can transport your vehicle to the desired destination. However, it would be good to check in advance which ship you choose for your trip, as there are high-speed ships that do not have garages. In any case, if you plan to travel with your vehicle, be sure to book your ferry tickets as early as possible, as vehicle spaces fill up relatively quickly.

Can I book a cabin?

Yes, you can book a cabin on most routes to Greek destinations. In fact, it is the most relaxing option, as some of the ferry routes are long and evening.

Tip: We recommend booking your ferry tickets well in advance of your trip. During the summer there is an immediate sell-out of tickets, especially if you wish to reserve a seat for your vehicle or a cabin.

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