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Although more and more ferry companies offer e-tickets (electronic tickets), still some don’t provide this option. Therefore, passengers may be required to pick up their ferry tickets. You can find all the ticket collection points listed in your booking confirmation email along with your reservation number, ticket number and information on the boarding process.

In case you are required to have paper tickets, you can collect them from any of the following collection points:

You can pick up your ferry tickets from Ferrycenter’s offices. The address is: Othonos Amalias 12, Patras 26223, Greece (all dates  from 09:00-21:00).
You can collect your ferry tickets from a number of outlets serving your departure port. These include ticket booths at departure gates and travel agencies authorized by each ferry company (usually located near the port).

If you would like to pick up your ferry tickets from the ticket booth at your departure gate, please rest assured that ticket booths are always open at least 45 minutes before the ferry’s scheduled departure. You can contact the authorized travel agencies to find out their exact working hours.

On Ferrycenter, you can find all discounts available for ferry crossings in Greece. If it is not on Ferrycenter, then it probably doesn’t exist! If you think that a discount that you are eligible for is not available on our website, please let us know and we will be happy to check.

Ferry companies generally provide discounts for certain types of passengers, such as permanent residents of islands, infants, children, students, and multi-child families. 
Please note that if you purchase a discounted ticket, you will have to provide the relevant document confirming that you are eligible for the specific discount to board the ferry (e.g. student card, proof of residence, unemployment card, etc.).

Furthermore, sometimes ferry companies make special offers on tickets for specific dates or destinations. These special offers are immediately available on Ferryhopper.
Some discounts might be available only for Greek residents (e.g. NAT pensioners, war invalids)

Please keep in mind that if you have selected a special offer option, then no further discount can be applied.

If your ferry is canceled due to adverse weather conditions, one of the following alternatives is usually applicable:

  • Changing your ferry ticket to a ticket of equal value.
  • Canceling your ticket with a request sent to the ferry operator for a full refund.

If you decide to cancel your tickets, the cancellation process differs depending on whether you have already picked up your paper tickets (in case this is required by the ferry operator) or not:

  • If you have NOT collected the tickets for the canceled trip, please fill in our online contact form, so that we can process your cancellation request immediately. Make sure that you inform us about the cancellation, as refunds cannot be processed automatically.
  • If you have already picked up the tickets for the canceled trip, you must return your tickets in order to change or cancel them, according to the policy of ferry companies.

Yes, you can.

In order to book a whole cabin for you and your travel companions, you will have to select the same accommodation type for all passengers. If the ‘whole cabin’ option is available, please select ‘whole cabin’ from the drop-down list. In case the ‘whole cabin’ option is not available, you can select the ‘single bed’ option and if all passengers fit in one cabin, they will be placed in the same cabin automatically.

If you select the same accommodation type for all passengers, you should see the phrase ‘whole cabin’ in the trip summary (on the right hand side, just below ‘Seat selections & prices’). This verifies that you are booking a whole cabin.

Each ferry company has its own baggage allowance policy. We recommend that you read the baggage allowance policy of the ferry company you are traveling with to avoid excess baggage charges at the port.

One large piece of luggage per person is typically allowed on board. For ferry routes in Greece passengers are entitled to carry luggage up to 50 kilos.
If you wish to carry additional luggage or special sports equipment, please consider using the alternative courier services available during boarding. In case you have selected high-speed ferries, we advise you to re-confirm this option with the ferry operator.

Please note that depending on the ferry and your ticket type, there may not be a specific compartment or other space to store your luggage during the trip, especially if you don’t have a specific seat assigned to you (e.g. if you have purchased a deck-lounge ticket). In this case, you can keep your bags next to where you are sitting. Please make sure that you don’t leave them unattended.

The vehicle options differ based on the route, ferry company, and type of vessel. Some of these options and their respective dimensions are:

  • Small car: < 3.5 meters in length and up to 2 meters in height
  • Medium car: < 4.25 meters in length and up to 2 meters in height
  • Family car: > 4.25 meters in length and up to 2 meters in height

    Kindly note that a family car is defined as a regular car with a slightly bigger size, but with a height of up to 2 meters.

Recreational vehicles (motorhomes, campervans, caravans, camper trailers), and vehicles of more than 2 meters in height, are considered different types of vehicles and cannot go under the “family car” category.

In case a ferry operator offers some of the aforementioned options, there will be a separate category on our website.

For additional gear such as roof racks & trailers, you should contact our customer support team directly, since there may be extra charges.

Regarding professional vehicles such as buses, trucks, vans, and minivans, you should contact the ferry operator to issue your ticket.