Ferry routes Piraeus – Paros.

Piraeus – Paros ferry routes are carried out every day of the year. The Blue Star Ferries ferry company operates daily ferry routes from Piraeus to Paros.

Frequency of sailings from Piraeus to Paros.

There are daily routes from Piraeus to Paros. In the summer months up to 7 daily routes. Piraeus to Paros ferry routes may change or be modified mainly during the summer season.

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Ferry route duration from Piraeus to Paros.

The journey time from the Blue Star Ferries port is approximately 13-18 hours depending on the ship and its route.

Where does the ferry to Paros leave from?

Ferries bound for Paros depart daily from the new port of Piraeus from Gate E6 or E7. This, however, may change depending on the traffic in the port of Piraeus. Before departure check your reservation details or contact the port authorities. It would be good to be at the port of Piraeus one hour before the departure of the ship so that your access will be as comfortable as possible without any inconvenience.

Is a cabin available for the trip from Piraeus to Paros?

Yes, you can book a cabin for the trip from Piraeus to Paros, which is recommended because the trip is of long duration.

Useful travel tips.

Book your tickets to Paro well in advance of your travels especially during the summer.

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The shipping company Bluestar Ferries connects the port of Piraeus with Paros with daily routes, offering high quality service and authentic hospitality on board.

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