Cosmopolitan and romantic, the “Princess of the Argosaronic” stands out for its exquisite architecture characterized by majestic neoclassical mansions and cobbled courtyards that look like works of art.

The Venetians called it “Izola di Spezzie” (“Island of Perfumes”) from the countless pines, jasmines and bougainvillea that flood its air with intoxicating aromas. For Greek history, it was the great naval and shipbuilding power of the 18th and 19th centuries that contributed decisively to the Struggle for Independence.

The island of the legendary Bouboulina and other glorious captains of the Greek Revolution does not hide its pride for its aristocratic origin. The sophistication and wealth of other eras that emerges in every corner of the Spetses state, are two simple reasons for someone to look for itineraries to Spetses, which remains a favorite weekend destination, and not only for those who love sophisticated luxury and worldly life in ‘ a magical cinematic setting.

Spetses is worth visiting

One reason to book tickets to Spetses is to discover the glorious history of the island at the Spetses Museum housed in the Hatzigiannis – Mexi (first lord of the island) mansion. Among the most important relics in his collection are the Flag of the Revolution and the ossuary with the bones of Bouboulina.

Take a guided tour of the wonderful Bouboulina Museum to learn everything about the personality of the legendary captain of the Greek Revolution and the only woman in the world with the title of admiral. Housed in her family mansion, the museum displays 21st century heirlooms (weapon collections, old books, paintings, letters, ship models), personal effects and old furniture.

Visit the historic Monastery of Agios Nikolaos with the marble bell tower from 1805 and the ornate cobbled courtyard. The Speciotiko House, a representation of an island residence, is housed in its area.

Take a romantic afternoon carriage ride along the coastal road that connects Dapia to the old port.

Admire the majestic Posidonio Hotel, an architectural jewel and favorite residence of twentieth-century aristocracy.

Tour the Old Port, the epicenter of the island’s nocturnal dolce vita. Make a stop at Poseidonio Square with the imposing statue of Laskarina Bouboulina.

See the sunset from the Spetses Lighthouse. Built on a pine-covered hill, at an altitude of 27 meters above sea level, the lighthouse was operational in 1837 and is one of the first in Greece.

Enjoy your coffee in the secular square of Dapia, with a view of the imposing cannons of the old artillery, Porto Heli and Hydra.

Watch the spectacular “Armata” (in September), the reenactment of the famous Spetses naval battle with the burning of an effigy of a Turkish flagship in the island’s harbor accompanied by a sparkler show.

The best beaches in Spetses

Agioi Anargyri: The largest beach of the island combines sand with pebbles and deep crystal waters that make it ideal for water sports. It is well organized and is located 12 kilometers west of Dapia. On its right side, you will come across the historical “Cave of Bekiris” or “Cave of Lovers”. Inside it springs a spring with the “water of love” which, according to legend, strengthens love and guarantees lifelong love to whoever drinks it.

Zogeria: A natural cove with green pines, olive trees and crystal deep waters, on the north side of the island. The scenery is simply magical and ideal for those who want to enjoy tranquility with all the comforts of an organized beach. For many, the best beach on the island.

Agia Marina: The most cosmopolitan and busiest beach of the island takes its name from the homonymous church that exists here. It is organized with all amenities, beach bars and restaurants. Directly opposite is the famous private island of Spetsopoulos (of the Niarchos family).

Agia Paraskevi: One of the most popular beaches, due to blue-green waters and good organization. Its beautiful cove is surrounded by a dense pine forest, offering natural shade to the bathers. You will find it 12 kilometers from Dapia, on the west side of the island. It has a club for water sports and snack bars.

Xilokeriza: A large beach with white pebbles, pine trees and emerald waters on the south side of the island. Although it is organized (with umbrellas and sunbeds), it remains a haven of untouched beauty for lovers of tranquility and relative isolation.

Don’t leave Spetses if you don’t…

Discover the island’s iconic neoclassical architectural heritage. A total of 35 neoclassical mansions in the settlement of Spetses have been declared “preservable monuments”. Among them, the mansion of Anargyros (190

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