The Company’s Management has developed its Environmental Policy with a view to the safe management of environmental issues and the implementation of any preventive action required.

The Management of the company through the Environmental Policy is committed to the following:

• The protection of the environment.
• Compliance with all legal provisions related to the operation of the company.
• Saving natural resources in the daily operation of the company.
• Compliance with all legal requirements as well as other requirements which are related to the environmental aspects in the context of the company’s activity.
• Continuous improvement of environmental policy and pollution prevention.
• Compliance with all legal provisions related to the safety of employees in the company.

• The continuous and effective addressing of the training needs of the staff in matters of environmental policy.
• Continuous communication with its suppliers and customers and informing them about the environmental protection measures taken by the company.
• Its constant updating on environmental policy issues.
• Taking all necessary precautionary measures to protect the environment.
• The allocation of all necessary resources for the maintenance of its environmental policy.

• The ability to collect environmental policy results in order to define and review environmental goals and objectives.
• Meeting all the expectations of stakeholders.

The validity and recognition of the Environmental Management System is achieved through its certification by an Independent Certification Body according to the international standard ISO 14001: 2015.

In order to achieve these goals, the Company’s Management is committed to securing over time all the necessary resources for the implementation of its Environmental Policy. In addition, it is committed to its continuous environmental improvement.

The Environmental Policy is communicated to all staff, associates and suppliers of the company and is available to the public.