Ferry routes connections.

Ferry routes Levante Ferries serves the following ferry lines. It connects the part of the Ionian Sea between Patras – Kyllini – Zakynthos – Kefalonia – Ithaca.

Levante Ferries ferry services are:

Patras – Kefalonia – Ithaca.
Kyllini – Zakynthos.
Kyllini – Poros of Kefalonia.
Kyllini – Poros Kefalonia – Ithaca.
Sami Kefalonia – Ithaca – Kyllini.
Kyllini – Zakynthos.
Kyllini – Poros of Kefalonia.
Zakynthos – Kyllini.
Poros of Kefalonia – Kyllini.
Patras – Sami Kefallonia.
Patras – Pisaetos, Ithaca.
Pisaetos, Ithaca – Patras.
Sami of Kefallonia – Patras.
Pisaetos, Ithaca – Kyllini.
Kyllini – Pisaetos, Ithaca.

The ferry routes Kefalonia – Zakynthos – Ithaca are operated by ships of the fleet of Levante Ferries. They approach six ports every week, serving faithfully and systematically, with absolute safety and high comforts, the needs of the passenger public. They are modern and safe ships, which meet the needs of the area in each period.

Our four ships are designed according to the highest standards, in order to offer the passenger public absolute safety and a comfortable and pleasant voyage, even in the most difficult weather conditions.

Fior di Levante

The newly built “Fior di Levante” made its maiden voyage in December 2014. Awarded with the international “Shippax Award 2015” as the most beautiful ferry in the world, the “Fior di Levante” was christened in honor of the island of Zakynthos, or else Flower of Levante (= Flower of the East), from where its decoration is inspired.

Sea of ​​Levante

This particularly beloved ship to the Ionian passenger public, the “Mare di Levante”, stands out for its comfortable, hospitable and luxurious spaces, as well as for its unique capacity in cars and trucks.

Andreas Kalvos

“Andreas Kalvos”, christened in honor of the great Zakynthian poet Andreas Kalvos, after a complete reconstruction to fit perfectly into the Ionian Sea, is a combination of safety, comfort and elegance.


Although the “Kefalonia” is the most historic ship in our fleet, its speed and safety make it completely competitive even against newly built boats.

Smyrna di Levante

The “Smyrna di Levante”, after being completely renovated and completely renovated, promises to provide every passenger with a safe and enjoyable trip from Thessaloniki to Izmir!

Contessa di Levante

The excellent “Contessa di Levante” is our sixth recently acquired ship, which will be extensively redesigned to meet Levante Ferries standards and the requirements of the Ionian Lines, which will be launched in 2023.

For more information on ferry routes Kefalonia – Zakynthos – Ithaca contact to our travel office at 2610 240000

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